Saturday, 1 August 2015

"Yarp..? Narrrrrrp"

I sat for over an hour last night, and have been sat for another 45mins this morning, trying to plan out a 17-18mile route that doesn't include that god-forsaken stretch of Portobello promenade and Brunstane Burn that I pound out every weekend...because I swear, if I have to run that stretch one more time, I'm going to lose the will to live. 

I had to take a time out to write this down because I guess it's just another aspect of marathon prep that people don't really notice or think about. I always say that being sponsored to run a marathon isn't really about the race at's all the prep and arduous hours it takes to get to race day. This frustrating, head-in-hands process is one of the more mentally challenging things to contend with.


It sounds like such a silly thing to say - surely running is running and it's always boring, no matter where you run, right? Well, not if you really enjoy running and you have to run a really long way on a regular basis. Imagine watching the same film every Saturday morning ten weeks in a row. Then watch the same episode of the same show four times a week on top of that. Sounds like it would get pretty boring pretty quickly, right? 

That's exactly how I'm feeling - except I can't seem to find a new film to watch. I'm doing the equivalent of sitting in front of the Netflix menu for two hours when you can't quite come up with anything you feel comfortable committing to, so you end up just watching Hot Fuzz again because it's on the telly anyway.


My way of phrasing it is this: the hardest line that you'll cross in a marathon isn't the finish line, it's the start line. 

Once race day arrives you're all set. You've done all the hard work, all the preparation and training; you've got fresh legs, the route is brand new and exciting and the atmosphere will carry you through no matter what. But running for 3-4 solid hours, alone, every weekend before that point is potentially soul destroying if you don't keep things interesting. 

So I'm probably going to end up running the same route as usual in an hour's time, the thought of which is already bringing me close to tears this morning. It doesn't really bode well for my mental focus when the fatigue starts to kick in. 

I don't have a witty answer to my conundrum this week. I'm genuinely feeling deflated and just needed to share the downs as well as the ups with you all while on this marathon journey. These are the harder days, and though I usually have a silver lining to share, all I'm seeing today is a big fat moody cloud ready to rain all over me as soon as I leave the flat.

I did however score some free £10 socks from Lulu Lemon this week after popping in for a look round and an obligatory schmooze with the handsome sales assistant. Winning. All in the name of "product testing" apparently - I'll take them for a spin and deliver my verdict. I also painted my nails with some suitably Deutsch farben to keep me motivated for Berlin. Saddo Ganders ought to get out more.

Go faster stripes
Lulu Lemon freebies!

I'd love to see a few more donations popping up on my JustGiving page if we can. I'm now into my 60 alcohol free days before race day, so if you think I deserve a pint after an 18mile run this weekend, please please please just donate the price of that pint to Alzheimer's Society instead. It really will make all the difference, seeing as I'm now on a nutrition plan that sadly omits ALL THE TASTY TASTY BEER.

Your sponsorship genuinely helps me to stay positive and focused when out on these long, hard runs at the weekend. I'm committed to raising £1,000 for Alzheimer's Society in order to run Berlin Marathon, so please consider donating a cheeky few pounds while payday is fresh in our pockets!

Thank you so much as always to everyone who has supported my fundraising and tolerated my dull running chat so far - time to get my trainers on for y'all! 

Nik. xxx

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